Description of Department of Creative Design
Our goal is not simply to create products
but rather to think about how they can be used in the larger society

In undertaking the “Creation of Design,” we must first understand the needs of people and society and decide what and how to create and realize the required product. To achieve this purpose, we must create objects or convey information in a responsible manner so that users can find them beautiful, easy to understand and easy to use and, at the same time, take into consideration the aspects of marketing and technology.

In our decision to name our department the “Department of Creative Design,” we added the word “creative” before “design” to show that it is not limited to the areas of engineering or design but extends to the value of art itself.

In our increasingly complex society, we must view our creations in terms of their comprehensive value and how they can be used in the larger society rather than simply creating objects for the purpose of creating them. Thus, the ultimate goal of the Dept. of Creative Design is to help our students create such products.

Special Features of the Department of Creative Design
Fundamental Education in the First Year
First-year students study a core course consisting of basic techniques and theory in design to prepare them to start studying specialized areas and techniques in their second year, which is divided into three different curriculums. By considering their aptitudes and what career or field they wish to pursue in the future, students can develop a deeper knowledge of their specialized fields in gradual stages.
Hands-on Training Program
In order to realize the value of an idea, students must create actual objects, and we have substantial facilities available to support such activities. Professional designers from various fields will give lectures on on-site technology and thinking processes.
Educational Environment Fostering Creativity and Independence
A large open space is available for first-year through fourth-year students to display their creations in an “Atmosphere of Creativity.”
Community and International Exchanges to Broaden Horizons
By active participation in joint collaborations with local industries, students will be able to apply theory to the creation of actual products. To acquire a global perspective, students can participate in international exchange programs with other countries, especially with Finland.
Training in Presentation Skills Useful in Acquiring Employment
The ability to make effective presentations is very important in communicating your ideas to others. By having our students practice making presentations, this ability is enhanced to the highest degree so that they can achieve success when seeking employment.
Our program is divided into three different courses to train our students to become designers and creators that are active members of society