Description of Specialized Study Courses
Students work on their graduation projects in a laboratory (study group supervised by teachers specializing in students’ area of interest) under a system of expert guidance using the highest standards.

At the Department of Creative Design, there are 10 laboratory divided among the three courses. Using their previous three years of learning, fourth-year students select a research theme for their graduation project and work under a high standard of supervision from their respective professors in their respective laboratory.

Product Design Course
Nashihara laboratory: “People-friendly Universal Design”
Harada laboratory : Using the Latent Potential of Humans to Create Objects
Umeda laboratory: Product Designs for a Happy Future
Visual Design Course
Arai laboratory: Seeking for the creation of objects through hands
Shoji laboratory: Improvisation in Design Through Recording the Past and Present of Design
Nishino laboratory: To make design is to realize its imagination
Shinohara laboratory: Powerful but Flexible Visual Expression Using Computer Graphics
Experience Design Course
Morozumi laboratory: Creation of Easy-to-understand and Attractive Experience Designs
Nakai laboratory: Design Programming of Movement
Horie laboratory: Research on Information Design Methodology with Cooperation of Designer and Engineer: using Support Tools for Community Activities